Life as a wife :)

Well...its been almost two and a half weeks of marital bliss :)  I really have loved it!  You know what the best part is, and I'm sure there are many that will agree with me, I don't have to leave to go home every single night!  No more drowsy driving, or trying to stay awake til he gets home safe.  Its just jump in bed and enjoying being next to him through the night! 
We are happy. 
Oh! I burnt my first dinner last night! ha ha, and my dear hubby was so nice about it.
  I love him.
Our home is starting to come together.  We've worked so hard on it, so its nice to finally feel like its paying off!  It starts really feeling like a home...our home. :)  Playing house is sure fun! 


More reception pics!

I Found more on Lauren's blog...couldn't resist!  Here are some more of the Sturdevant's... Thanks Lauren! :)

Weddin' Day!

Wedding day!!!  Thanks to Shan-Ban for the pics (stoll them off her blog). Many more to come! I love this picture... i find it hilarious :)  Look at payton...ha ha!  Oh how i love these little people!
Macey looks adorable...

The rest of the post i dedicate to those who made the wonderful evening.....well wonderful!  I love these ladies.   Also, Tom :)  My mom couldn't have better friends.  Also, thanks to my family, my darling sisters and in-laws, granparents etc!  And obviously my mother herself...it most definitly would not have happened without her...none of it.  She's incredible.  I love you MOM! 

  the busy kitchen.....

The last few are from the day before.  Decorating really was quite fun, i wasn't worried one bit :)  My dear mother i just knew would work out every little thing, and she did!  It was perfect! Thank you all again, I love and appreciate each of you!