I am pregnant in the following pictures, just need to make that clear. :)   

Game nights on family trips have got to be one of my favorite memories, Bubba did great :)

 The siblings...

One of the neatest things we were able to do was our Helicopter ride,
It was amazing!

Tace is one lucky little guy :)
We were so happy he was there.  He is so very good at making everyone smile!

Taken from the Helicopter

Snorkeling and body boarding were the boys favorite things to do this trip.

my cute parents...

This really was one our favorite places to eat.


On our way home...way too soon.

obviously :)

We made lots of memories, we're so grateful we were able to spend time together as a family before my parents leave us for a little while.  We will miss them so very much. But are so grateful and proud of them!