one whole year...

happy anniversary to us!

We took a little getaway to St. George to celebrate,
 it was wonderful.

(not the best picture, its the only one our camera worked for.....darn it.)

I don't look so excited here...but I really was, we've been home makeover maniacs since we've been married.

Like our painting suites?  I do.
This round, we've been workin on our

little girls room! 

I'm so pleased with how its turning out! 
I'll post before and after pictures as soon as its all ready for her. 

My dear Bryant is not the biggest fan of painting,  but he has done so much of it for me just cause he knows I love the results. He is so nice to me.  I love him. And i really really love being married to him.
 He's a good husband, and will be the most darling father in the world! 

I have not a single doubt about that!

Its been a fun year :) 

....with many more to come.