Favorite wedding pictures

I realized that i haven't posted many pictures of the actual day of the wedding.  So here are just a few of my favorites.
Its almost sad that i'm just barely doing this...
I'll start with my all time favorite wedding picture! 
love how happy we are!



Finally a little update...
for all of those special people out there who care about whats goin on in my little life! :) 
I really feel like i do have quit a lot to share, lots of changes, and adjustments going on in our new journey together!
Picture are my favorite part of posts, sadly though, i happened to loose the cord to my camera....but i found Bubba's!  So the only pics your getting are a few from our honeymoon....5 months ago.  Ha Ha But still fun to see!

Here's to 5 months of

this next one was our favorite part i think...it was so fun to shop...
true bargain shopping :)
Chitzen itza!  So very cool.
Our Resort had this neat little restauraunt outside right on the beach...
wish i was there right now, it was splendid.
My Handsome Husband
I Loved loved loved the smoothies, so did Bubba, we got our money's worth, or at least we tried to.

We decided that when guest's don't drink alcohol, they become incredibly cheap for the resort, so we really put alot of effort into getting our money out of it in every other way we could :)  I think we did alright!

Hope your all havin a nice day!  I have a bunch more fun things to show you, but i need to have pictures from my camera for all that...be patient, I'll find the stinkin cord. 
Lots more fun to share soon...
i hope! 

Love you all!