christmas time is here!

and we get to see papa and bam (thats my mom and dad in Arkansas!) on thursday!!! 
Can barely stand the wait....


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its been awhile...

 I know its been awhile...

Here are just a few pictures of what our little girl looks like these days :)

emmy adores her daddy almost as much as i do!

She is so very very chubby :)  We love every single roll.

She looks so much like her dad its almost ridiculous...

 I miss my mom and dad more than i can explain...These pictures made it a little worse :)  But they are doing so so good.  They sound so happy each time we talk to them.  

They will just be so shocked next time they see emmy.  

Last they saw her she was about this size...



oh baby baby.

2 weeks old here

she's doing wonderful!  

we are adjusting more and more everyday.

My sister Shanee is starting to do a little photography!  She is getting really good at it!  I was excited there were so many cute ones...we had a pretty cute subject to take them of  :) , but shanee is very talented as well.  

Thank you Shan!  Love you. 


meet emmy.

April 28, 2011
1:33 am
7 lbs. 12 oz. 
18 1/2 inches

Proud daddy :)

Finally home, and our poor baby girl has to be on lights for jaundice, I think its fairly common, but she is doing great, 

she's so tough.

We love her . . . 
and are so beyond grateful we have her for eternity.


emmy's room

We decided on a name for our little sweetheart that will hopefully be here any day now!


We are very excited about it.

Here are a few pictures of her room:

My dear mother made all of the bedding, drapes, blankets, and pillows.  She even helped me redo the dresser and mirror.  

She is beyond busy with everything she has going on in her own life, but she has spend hours on end to help me and make sure we are ready for emmy.

Thank you Mom!  I love you so very much.  I so very much hope i can be a Mom like you.

We are ready for her!  

She can come at any moment now...

right now maybe?  Please.