Would you like an invite?

Hey everybody...we're workin on gettin our invite list put together. So, if your just dying to have one :)....Please e-mail me your address at
Thank you!!!!


As of today.....One more month everybody!  Wow...i truly cannot wait.  I'm gonna take that as a good sign though.  I am so excited to be his eternal companion,  there are no words to describe :) We are completely in love :)  Hope it stays this way forever!

I really hope this smile never leaves my face....and it really is a hard thing to do when i'm lookin at him, there are moments (not often but they do come) when he can make me so angry then it drives me nuts that i can't keep a straight face when he looks at me....
oh bryant. 
We are happy tho, if we can make it through wedding planning we can make it through anything.
Right? :) 
No, I know we have a lot more ahead of us than planning parties, and ya know what... i am really excited for the chance I get of experiencing all of those things with my soon-to-be hubby.


Almost there....

37 days everybody!  :)
just a couple more for your enjoyment.
This is bubba's favorite picture....

And this is ONE of mine :)


Oh Engagement Pictures....

It was freezing! Bubba did his best to keep me warm. He makes us look so good, don't ya think? Cathy Wall is talented! Highly recommended to all! Visit her blog to see more of her work. She's wonderful! Thank you Cathy!


I love being in love :)

Oh how busy! Work, christmas, and a WEDDING to plan in the middle of it. :)
And oh how happy I am.
Everything is better with him in it! :)
Life is good, i found a few pictures of since he's been home, and realized once again how much more wonderful life is with him around, good thing I get to have that for eternity eh?
I Love you Bubba... :)