and...He's back :)

Let me walk you through my experience. Here we go... I arrive at the Sturdevant home, they decorated so cute! My nerves increased the second I saw the sign...it was really happening.We waited patiently at the airport, for the big entrance.
Truly thankful for these girls...they are so very nice to me. I love you all!FINALLY! There he is! Can you see him? left side, black suit, extremely handsome :)


The next morning my darling friends went out to breakfast at 6 am :) ha ha we can never wait to hear the story! Thanks for your support, I adore each of you entirely, Love you!

I've had the chance to spend more time with him than I could have ever hoped for...Hope the Sturdevant's know how grateful I am for them sharing him with me, I hope they're not sick of me yet either! Its meant the world to me though, I love this boy :) and he is finally home...So good to have him. I'm so proud of him, He's incredible.

I am completely consumed with happiness, I'll tell you what...
This is bliss!