oh baby baby.

2 weeks old here

she's doing wonderful!  

we are adjusting more and more everyday.

My sister Shanee is starting to do a little photography!  She is getting really good at it!  I was excited there were so many cute ones...we had a pretty cute subject to take them of  :) , but shanee is very talented as well.  

Thank you Shan!  Love you. 


meet emmy.

April 28, 2011
1:33 am
7 lbs. 12 oz. 
18 1/2 inches

Proud daddy :)

Finally home, and our poor baby girl has to be on lights for jaundice, I think its fairly common, but she is doing great, 

she's so tough.

We love her . . . 
and are so beyond grateful we have her for eternity.