happy halloween.

happy halloween!


Baby Sturdevant

coming may 2011



bubba's b-day.

Bubba had a birthday!

22 years old :)

I know there is an 8 on his cake, i forgot the candles... 

For bubba's b-day i planned something a little silly.  And I'm sure i loved it way more than him but we had fun! 

 He always teases me about never taking him to a dance in high school so, I made up our own little 'dance'

 I know its rather cheesy but it was fun to keep it a secret and surprise him!  We just went to my parents pond and had dinner, i even made him dance to George Strait with me :)  Ha oh i loved it!
 And i think he did too!  He was smiling the whole time.


A few weeks ago we had a visitor from the West Indies!  He is a member of the church in Trinidad that Bubba had the chance to become really good friends with while on his mission.

Kevin Steeple. 

He is so entertaining!  He even cooked dinner for us one night which Bubba was ecstatic about!

His story is amazing. 

So amazing that i didn't believe him at first, then he showed me 'his book'.  It's a scrapbook with all of the letters, pictures, newspaper articles etc.  That prove is all true. 

That him to the right of Miss Universe!

He was here in America working the Miss Universe Show in Vegas!  He is an incredible artist.  He designs by hand these beautiful dresses on dolls for the girls.  They really are incredible.


I forgot to take any pictures of them, but here is the best one i found online.
The doll on the left is Michelle Obama. 
Up close the detail is so neat!

this and that.

Lake Powell!

On the way...My cute neices had some fun with pictures.  Oh how I love them.

Camping with the Wilson's in Whitney

We love Candice and Brent.  We hope we always get to do fun things with them all the time for the rest of lives! 
So glad Can married my husbands cousin :) 
We get to see each other lots. 

And I oh so grateful for it!