Since i've been HOME!

This post's for you Rissy :)

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family, i honestly without a doubt would be lost without them. They mean everything to me that is for sure! I did't realize how much i truly missed them. Nothing can replace family!
Family is Everything!
Nothin better than Dress Up with the girls!

Family home evening at the pond!

Causey is so pretty this time of year!

Cabin Fun!

We had fun one night and played hide and seek in the shop warehouse...its real dirty in there. Ha

I LOVE MY COUSINS! Bry looks like a girl ha ha :)

I made a goal long long ago to learn how to play, I'm finally doin it! Nothin' holdin' me back. Thanks to my amazing bro-in-law Jared's mad skills I have the best teacher around! :)
Thanks so much Jar-bear!

My last week in sunny saint george!

I already miss St. George...My last couple weeks were so much fun tho! Here are a few of the experiences!I'm graduated! yippee! So exciting! I love the massage therapy academy! Isn't the cutest school ever...

Enterprise adventure! Me and Had got lost on the way! Ha so much fun tho!

The drive from St. George out to Enterprise is gorgeous, recommended to all!
Cali Road trip!!!
Super spontaneous, so worth the drive! Tigger, me, and Hadlee!
I miss you so much Had...
p.s. those aren't my glasses ha ha huge, i still look good tho right? :)
Kanarraville Hike! FHE with the singles ward!
Secondhand Serenade Concert!
I utterly enjoy them...soooo good.