Summer Fun!

I found my camera cord!  Here are a couple pictures of what we've been up to so far this summer! 
We went camping with Bubba's family and decided to get a tent for it.  Bubba was so excited that he couldn't wait to put it up outside the next morning when it was light outside sooo....our living room was barly big enough to sqeeze it in.  Ha ha what a dork! :)
We were watching Heidi's boys a few weeks ago and her sweet little guy fell asleep right at the table eating his cheese and crackers...it was so cute i had to snap a picture....oh i love him so.
One of my favorite things this summer is our new puppy!  We love our Gibbs so much!  He's a caucker spaniel, poodle mix.
Bubba's littlest sis, Torie!
Kayli camping a Strawberry!  We had lots of fun!
MOAB!  We went jeeping and river rafting with my family!
There is a jeep in there....Jake, Shae, and Kristin inside it.
We started out with the top down....not a good idea, it went back on pretty quick when we started doing this!
Dad was LOVING it...he was so much fun :)
I just think these pictures are so precious....Ron is the best grandpa.  I'm so glad my future kids will have him in their lives! And he loves Gibbs :)
On our way to churchTrip to the cabin!  Our little family! Ha Ha :)
Nap time...my boys are so cute :)
The boys love their uncle Bubba
And my dear neices love Gibbsy!

Hope everyone had a happy fourth of July and all your summers are going great!