its been awhile...

 I know its been awhile...

Here are just a few pictures of what our little girl looks like these days :)

emmy adores her daddy almost as much as i do!

She is so very very chubby :)  We love every single roll.

She looks so much like her dad its almost ridiculous...

 I miss my mom and dad more than i can explain...These pictures made it a little worse :)  But they are doing so so good.  They sound so happy each time we talk to them.  

They will just be so shocked next time they see emmy.  

Last they saw her she was about this size...



  1. She really does look like her dad! She's darling Sarah. I bet you really miss your parents. I bet they miss you too. Enjoy that cute baby girl.

  2. Oh my goodness she is such a little cutie!! I love her little giggles most of all. I think it is about time Uncle Taryn and Aunt Kylee got to watch her! I love and miss you guys!

    P.S. Can I get your parents address?


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